Are you trying to find the best shopify backup apps? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will discuss different shopify backup apps and their benefits, as well as how they can help your business grow. You’ll be able to make an informed decision on which shopify backup app is right for you!

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What are Shopify backup apps?

Running a Shopify business is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of data input. This data can pertain to plenty of functions, and it almost always takes up plenty of data.

However, backing up this data is important. In case of a calamity, you’re always stuck with information that keeps your data safe and secure

Keeping track of the top backup software for Shopify stores is time-consuming if you’re a busy businessman running an online business. As a result, we took the opportunity of completing this research for you.

These applications can assist you in retrieving the most current edition of your Shopify shop anytime you want it.

We compiled the best backup applications by taking into consideration the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app’s top features, as well as other subjective factors, among other things. We hope that this may be of use to you in your hunt for the finest app for your shop.

There was a time when there was no simple method to back up a Shopify business, and many shop owners suffered as a result of missing data or having to recreate an entire website.

There are now less difficult approaches to dealing with this problem!

Is it true that Shopify makes backups of its stores?

Whenever it comes to managing your store, Shopify is quite hands-off. In the case of a disaster, it is your obligation to ensure that your data and information are preserved and backed up, whether you do so using a third-party application such as Goshu or manually backup your files.

Whatever method you use, making a backup of your business and your data is essential if you want to keep your shop running for the coming years.

A good example would be a power failure that wipes out your entire information on inventory. A good backup can not only restore it back but also ensure there are multiple copies of it that can be retrieved whenever needed.

A copy of your site is essential for a variety of reasons, the most significant of which is security. Consider the possibility that your website has been hacked. You would not be able to recover your website to its previous state if you did not have a backup copy.

A backup copy can also be extremely beneficial in the event that files or pages are unintentionally erased. It could also be used to correct a significant issue that was caused by an application or custom code. Having a backup for a Shopify store is a suggested best practice to protect the safety of your company’s sensitive data and information. 

Essentially, it’s like having an eCommerce insurance plan for your internet business. Nothing can compare to the sensation of accidentally deleting something and finding that it is no longer available for retrieval.

Why should you use Shopify backup apps?

The process of data backup for your Shopify business might be a little complicated, but it is doable!

Even though Shopify does not perform any backup or file saving on your behalf, they do provide information and recommendations on how to effectively back up your store.

It is possible to manually back up your business data, per the Shopify help center and their online community forum. You can do this by exporting a CSV of your goods and downloading them to your PC.

It is possible to export CSV files in order to back up the following sorts of stored data:

  • Products
  • Customers’ Orders
  • Codes for gift cards
  • Coupons and promotional codes
  • Information pertaining to finances
  • When deciding whether or not to accomplish this properly, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

But hold on a second, you could be thinking. Doesn’t Shopify back up your store? You might wonder. The quick answer is that it does not. Shopify creates site backups, but it is unable to recover data from individual customer accounts. Under the Joint Responsibility Model, Shopify users, like so many other SaaS applications, are responsible for the security of their account-level data.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods you can safeguard and safeguard your Shopify business from any mistakes or disasters, therefore avoiding costly downtime. Here, we’ll go through the various methods for retrieving your data.

Best Shopify backup apps

Here is a list of some of the best Shopify backup apps available in the market. These include the likes of:

Shopify Backup Apps #1: Rewind Backups

Rewind is the world’s largest supplier of cloud restorations for SaaS applications, assisting organizations in the backup and restoration of their data in the cloud. 

When it comes to the development and usefulness of the cloud, Rewind delivers solutions that are critical to the backbone of how thousands upon thousands upon thousands of organizations work and keep their data.

Since 2017, Rewind has been providing automatic backups, on-demand data recovery, and outstanding customer service to over 80,000 organizations globally from its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Using Rewind, BigCommerce shop owners can have peace of mind knowing that their most critical store data is being automatically backed up. This data includes product descriptions and photos; themes; customers; orders; and other vital information.

Rewind allows you to easily undo undesired modifications with a few mice clicks after you have installed it. Once you use this software, you will never have to cope with yet another tough moment and difficult CSV export.

Items that are removed from the store are no longer accessible, despite the fact that Shopify offers a backup service for its platform. A backup of your store’s contents is essential if you want to restore any of your goods.

Whenever your shop is not operating correctly, you are denying customers entry via its doors. A variety of factors can contribute to store downtime, including human mistakes, malicious assaults, and software problems, among others. 

Downtime may result in missed revenue, a tarnished reputation, and a colossal headache when it comes time to repair the damage.

How Does Rewind Operate?

Install Rewind by clicking on the ‘Get this App’ button to begin your 7-day free trial. Choose a strategy, then lay back and enjoy the ride. 

Rewind will notify you through email if your first backup is completed, and they will begin regularly verifying your data on a daily basis after that. 

Every week, we’ll send you an email with a summary of the changes that have occurred in your shop.

Rewind backs up millions of goods for retailers of all sizes, ranging from hobby shops to large enterprise retailers like Walmart and Target.


  • Basic: $3 USD per month, with a maximum of 20 orders per month.
  • Growth: $9 USD per month, with a maximum of 200 orders per month.
  • Pro: $39 USD each month, with a maximum of 600 orders per month.
  • $59 USD per month for a business account, with a monthly limit of 1,000 orders.
  • In addition, for $99 USD a month, you can place up to 2,000 orders every month.
  • $299 USD per month for an enterprise account with more than 2,000 orders per month.

Shopify Backup Apps #2: Goshu Backup and Restore app

All Shopify stores place a high focus on protecting and maintaining the security of their customer’s data. Your company will be forced to close its doors if something goes wrong. In order to protect your Shopify store while you are working on it, we do immediate, automated backups.

A few of the reasons to put your faith in Goshu are as follows:

Make a complete backup of your data.

The Goshu backup App assists you in safeguarding the data that is the lifeblood of a company by monitoring and recording any changes to product data or store settings as they occur and then following it up to our safe storage system.

Through the use of their app, you have the option of reverting your whole profile to an earlier point in time or even a small entity that was accidentally erased (such as a product or blog post.)

Better linkages

Links to Shopify stores are always made securely in accordance with GDPR regulations. Your information is saved in the secured storage facility using encryption.

Due to the way our API-based method works, they can restore your product and store data back to any Shopify store in minutes.

They have a dedicated team of experts that are intent on getting your business back up and running as fast as possible following an incident or data loss. If you’ve any queries or have any difficulties, we are here to help.

While you are working on your store, they can help by creating immediate backups. You have the option of launching a manual backup whenever you require it.

The API-based method enables us to create backups and recover operations from any Shopify store in a short amount of time, saving you time and money.

The software can reinstall Shopify stores with thousands of goods in near-real-time from our safe storage, saving you time and money. Built specifically for the Shopify platform and the Google shopping channel. 

The software is exclusively designed for Shopify, and we are dedicated to taking advantage of any new features introduced by Shopify in the future.

Shopify Backup Apps #3: Automatic Backups

Automatic backups are the quickest and most secure method of safeguarding your most essential data and documents. 

Once the program has completed a full backup of your whole store, it automatically saves any changes to your items, including goods, product pictures, collection items, blog entries, store page templates, themes, customers, and orders. 

This generates a complete record of everything that has happened in your store.

Never again will you have to be concerned about making modifications to your shop.

What’s included in the app

Restoration Browser – This tool allows you to search for earlier versions of specific goods, collections, blog posts, store pages, clients, orders, and theme files in one convenient location. With our sophisticated version comparison interface, you may compare objects to the most recent version. With a single click, you may return to that version.

Shop Recovery – With a simple click, you may restore an overwhelming amount to a specified date in your shop.

Why should you use Automatic Backups by Talon? Optional orders and customers are good examples. It is your choice whether or not we are permitted to see and back up this sensitive information.

Audit Trail – Keep track of what has changed in your store and when it happened.

Advanced Browser – We give the most straightforward and intuitive user interface for discovering and modifying the appropriate material. Fast. With a simple click, you can easily compare prior versions and restore them.

GDPR Compliant – Security regulations are adhered to. Your information is maintained in an encrypted format, and we adhere to all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Amazing Customer Service – If you have any difficulties, please write or phone. You’ll chat with a live person who has the actual technical experience and who will work quickly to resolve your issue.

Shopify Backup Apps #4: ThemeWatch – theme backup tool

With ThemeWatch, you can keep your theme protected. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Changes to a theme can be tracked automatically.
  • Backups are performed on a daily basis.
  • Backups are done manually.
  • Keep track of the differences between certain assets.
  • Compare each copy of an item from a backup with the current version of the asset to see exactly what may have changed.
  • Keep an eye out for any modifications to your theme.

ThemeWatch will tell you which elements in your theme have been modified today (or any other date you specify) as compared to the prior automated daily backup or the most recent manual backup you performed.

1. Backups are made automatically every day

Allow us to take care of creating an automated daily backup of your theme. In an emergency, you may quickly and simply restore the entire theme from a backup or specific assets to their prior functional versions – all with a single click!

2. Manual backups are also available

Are you installing a new application? You should create a manual theme backup in order to guarantee that any 3rd-party app code is removed. There is no longer a requirement to build a backup duplicate theme!

3. Comparison of asset versions

ThemeWatch helps to compare every copy of any resource with the current live version or with a prior backup of the item. You will be able to determine exactly how your asset has drastically changed this functionality.

Shopify Backup Apps #5: Go back – Theme backups

Go back enables you to generate a daily copy of your settings and themes by selecting the option.

What are the benefits of using Is it possible to Go Back?

Shopify does not store a copy of your theme on its servers. You won’t be able to return home if you make even the smallest error during the process.

Are you the type of person who likes to make changes to the code themselves, install a large number of apps, or even allow other people to access your online store? This is the case, and you should go back to your room.

You would be able to go with confidence, knowing that if there is a problem, you can simply go back.

Don’t take the chance of having to start again from the beginning. Install Refocus your attention on the most important things. It’s your company.

Backups are performed automatically – There is no need for you to do anything because the backups are automated.

Easily recover your data – You may quickly access your themes to the date of your choosing.

Enjoy complete tranquility of mind – You may make changes to your theme, personalize it, and add programs without having to worry about running into difficulties.

Shopify Backup Apps #6: Backup

Information from your Shopify store is automatically backed up and stored in safe storage via, a free service. In the event that an item is modified, creates a new copy of the Shopify data and stores it during your backup. 

You will be able to restore to any prior version in this manner, guaranteeing that you may restore to the precise time and date that you want.

What it is and how it works

  • To download and install the app, select “Get.”
  • Select a plan when the app has been downloaded and installed. Each package includes a seven-day free trial period.
  • will securely back up your Shopify store and notify you through email once the backup is complete.
  • Completely Safe and Secure
  • In order to ensure total security, was built from scratch. Your Shopify connections are always secured, and your most essential shop data is stored encrypted in the Microsoft Azure Datacenter (South Central US).

Shopify Backup Apps #7: ExIm – Export / Import data

This is a free tool that is designed to assist business owners in managing their online store data. Shopify theme developers would find this resource quite handy.

The interface is easy to use – There is no need for setup. After you have installed the app, you will be able to export and import your data.

Case studies in action

  • The store that sells clones. Blogs, pages, and theme settings may be imported from an existing shop. Import the data into a new store.
  • Backup. Make a duplicate of your web pages or blog for safekeeping.
  • Pre-sets. Create demo data that is already pre-populated for your consumers. The best option for web developers. If the Shopify theme includes more than ten demos, this software will save you thousands of pages and hours of time and effort.
  • Editing in bulk. Bulk changes can be made by editing the JSON file.
  • Zip file containing JSON file(s) within should be formatted.

It gives you the ability to:

  • Data from an online store may be exported and imported.
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • These options are completely free.

Shopify Backup Apps #8: Wrench: Backup & Store Monitor

At Wrench, the merchant enjoys the comfort of mindset when it comes to the Shopify business. We’re always adding new features to make your work as a shop owner a little easier.

Automatic backups, simple restorations, uptime tracking with email warnings, and the option to ban users based on their location and IP address are all included with Wrench.

Take advantage of a continuous and automated backup of your whole inventory.

Wrench will retain an up-to-date backup of your shop, which will allow you to restore the complete store or individual things like goods, collections, or themes if necessary.

The following products will be supported by the Wrench:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Collections Made to Order
  • Customer Searches that have been saved by customers
  • Discounts
  • Orders Pages Metadata Fields Metadata Fields
  • Products
  • Collections that are well thought out
  • Themes


With these Shopify backup apps, you’ll be well on your way to backing up your essential information on the platform and ensuring you dont face any issues in case of an emergency.


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