Shopify backup alternatives

Backup applications for Shopify are quite useful in keeping your store safe. If you lose the data on your shop, everything you’ve spent time and effort on will be lost.

There are several excellent Shopify backup programs available, but which one is the best fit for you? To determine which one is ideal for you, try out a few different options.

We’ll go through the best eight shopify backup alternatives that are completely free to try so you can pick and choose which one is right for you.

The nicest thing about these top Shopify backup choices is that they not only back up your product catalog, but also everything else in your store.

Your Analytics data is comprised of customers, orders, blog posts, data from various apps installed on your store, and so on.

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Why Shopify backup alternatives?

A Shopify backup solution creates a copy of your store data and stores it on secure servers. This data may also be restored to your online business if required.

The easiest way to protect your Shopify stores is by using specialized Shopify backup applications. These applications will let you back up the data on your shop so that if anything goes wrong, you can return to where you were previously.

When you’re looking to make improvements to your store, it’s vital that you can go back without losing everything. This is especially useful when making modifications and needing to revert for whatever reason.

When you’re working with a Shopify store that’s been neglected for some time, the majority of the time whatever changes you make will cause big issues in getting back up and running.

Fortunately, using one of these programs allows us to swiftly return any modifications that caused the issue without difficulty.

The finest Shopify backup software is determined by your specific requirements. Some applications may save certain kinds of data better or have additional features that you need or don’t need.

This can be especially true when it comes to selecting one that assures total protection for all of your data.

Why should you back up your shopify store?

There are several reasons why maintaining your Shopify store is critical, and it’s typically better to be cautious than sorry.

You don’t know what might happen, and how much time and effort it may take to start your ideal business, if it were to fail.

It’s critical to secure your company’s data. It may just save you a lot of time and aggravation in the future!

How often should you back up your shopify store?

It’s ideal to backup your store data on a daily basis, but at the bare minimum, it should be done once a week! Always err on the safe side and assume that something will go wrong; this might prevent you from losing all of your hard work.

How does the shopify backup alternatives work?

Without a proper backup, even the most professional ecommerce website could be lost. This is due to numerous reasons, including poor employee training and oversight at major enterprises.

Some business owners are oblivious to the importance of backing up their businesses and all of their data. You may believe that Shopify takes care of this for you, but in reality they only

If you want the top Shopify backup app that will protect your store, you’ll need to make sure it has a track record of all of your data, pictures, and items.

Then, if your store is harmed or if you create another one for whatever reason, you’ll have all of the necessary information right at hand.

You can back up your Shopify store’s contents using Shopify. But you have to manually save every sort of data, such as orders, product metadata, customer information, and so on. It’s not practical.

This is all done automatically by our Goshu shopify backup app.

Everything about your business, including items and client information, is saved in the Goshu shopify backup software.

So if anything goes wrong with your store or you want to relocate it to another location, you’ll have everything you need.

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Some Shopify Backup alternatives compared

1. Goshu Backup App

Goshu is a Shopify backup solution that helps safeguard your store. This program allows you to keep all of your store’s data in one location, allowing for a quick recovery if anything goes wrong with the main site.

This is particularly useful for internet retailers who have put a lot of time and effort into their business and who don’t want to lose everything they’ve ever built.

The Backup Goshu app copies all of the images, videos, metadata, blog articles, themes, product variants that are on your Shopify store.

The complete application will update automatically when new changes are made to the store.

This is critical since you don’t want your business to go bankrupt in the event of a crisis.

Goshu has one of the greatest Shopify backup solutions available in the Shopify App Store for free. You can use all of its features without restriction even if you have many shops.

There’s no need to have a root access on your phone in order for this best shopify backup app to work.

The Goshu best Shopify backup app comes with the following benefits:

  1. Keeps all your images, videos, Metadata, blog posts, themes, and product variants in one place.
  2. When something changes in the original store, it notifies you with an email and updates all of your data.
  3. Multiple locations may be backed up simultaneously.

Choosing the finest Shopify backup applications for your business is the first step in ensuring that your company’s data remains protected.

After you’ve determined that the finest Shopify backup programs are required, you must select one.

2. Rewind Backups

Rewind backups offer a 7-day free trial which lets you test out all of its features with both one shopify store and multiple shopify stores.

Another Shopify backup app is Rewind, which takes your entire store’s data, images, Metadata, and so on and stores them in a safe place. Even if your business goes down, this shopify backup software backs up your information every day, ensuring that you have a full week of protection.

3. Backup by

Backup by is a one-click solution that allows you to backup Shopify stores with just one click! The store data, which includes items, customers, orders, and inventory levels, is backed up using this program.

The app is extremely user-friendly, with all the necessary data for backing up. It keeps track of what data is new each week and which must be uploaded to your cloud.

4. Automatic Backups by Talon Commerce

The Automatic Backups app is an excellent option for Shopify stores that want to have their store data backed up automatically.

Even if you change them in the middle of the day, updates, goods, transactions, and inventory levels are recorded.

When the timer expires, the program will automatically determine which data should be kept in your cloud.

The app may be linked with various backup tools, allowing you to choose which one you want it to utilize.

5. Go back ? Theme backups by Fuznet

Back up is an important theme for Fuznet’s backup tool, which offers simple and quick data backups. If you want to be sure that your business isn’t damaged by data loss, this program is ideal for you.

Backups are automatically activated after a given period of time and continue to operate until the data in the store is current.

The app creates a cloud or local version of your store’s theme structure so it can be viewed on any device at any time.

6.ThemeWatch ? theme backup tool by NexusMedia

With just one touch, ThemeWatch is a Shopify app that allows you to schedule automated backups of Shopify store themes!

It has a predetermined schedule and the app will keep track of what data is new and which must be backed up to your cloud at each encounter.

Additionally, the program backs up all of your Shopify apps automatically, so you can keep your business’s data secure.

7. Exporter by Gloryappbox

The Gloryappbox Exporter backup utility lets you make simple CSV copies of your files.

The second most important feature of this shopify backup alternative is that the data is organized in a spreadsheet-like manner, including information about consumers, orders, goods, and consumer reviews.

You’ll have access to all of your company’s critical information in one CSV file!

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8.ExIm ? Export / Import data by MPIthemes

The ExIm app is an easy-to-use Shopify backup alternative that may assist you in exporting and importing anything from your store (including settings).

The program does not waste any time when it comes to allowing users to export or import data. It has a simple user interface and the transfer process is very quick; you can do it in just a minute!

The app also allows you to arrange backups, so you may keep track of how your store’s data evolve and maintain it from loss.


There are numerous free Shopify backup alternatives available to try, so you can pick and choose which one best fits your needs. This is just a small sample of the many fantastic tools for backing up Shopify stores that are available.

You probably don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for and invested in a single power outage or another calamity.

Have you ever had your hard drive crash and lose everything? We’re here to assist you in restoring it if this happens again, thanks to one of these strong backup technologies – feel free to pick the one that is most suited to your needs! Which app do you believe will be the best fit for your needs?

Any we missed? Please let us know so that we may include them on our list.


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