If you have been using Shopify for some time now, you would have explored the various themes and customisations that the platform offers. However, even familiar users often find it hard to navigate through and find what they need. 

In the case that you haven’t still used this extremely useful platform of Shopify, you are really missing out. Shopify has been a favourite among retailers to boost online sales and take their business to the world out there! 

For those of you who have tried to explore the several functions, formats and themes on Shopify and still have questions, you are just in the right place. 

When Will You Need A Theme Reset On Shopify? 

You must know that Shopify allows you to use hundreds of themes for your online shop! A theme is nothing but fully designed functions that control all the features and styles of your e-store. 

It is the kind of experience that you give to your clients. You can customise your Shopify theme accordingly, built to suit your customer’s preferences. 

Many times, you might want to change themes to add a fresh look to your site. Or add a bunch of new customisations for a new launch. 

When you want to change themes, the easiest way to get rid of any added customisations will be by resetting your theme to default. What this does is lets you start from scratch! This allows you to build the new look exactly how you envision.

Besides, resetting your theme to default is also very useful when you want to undo new edits. You can even use it in case you happen to make customisations and end up not liking them. This will give you the freedom to start all over again! 

However this requires hands-on touch of Shopify. Don’t worry if you find yourself confused, we’re here to help. So, let’s dive deep into understanding how you can reset your theme on Shopify in a few easy steps! 

What are the Steps to Reset Your Shopify Theme to Default? 

Here’s the answer to the most important question. How is a theme reset done on Shopify? We’ve compiled together step-wise the method to reset your Shopify theme, quick and easy! 

Step 1: Dashboard > Online Store > Themes 

On your Shopify dashboard, navigate to Online Store and click on Themes 

Step 2: Finding the theme to be reset 

Next, scroll through to find the theme name that you wish to reset and click the ‘..’ icon next to it. 

Step 3: Theme Actions > Edit Code 

Further, find the Theme Actions drop-down menu and click on Edit Code. This will pop an Edit HTML / CSS page. 

Step 4: Edit HTML / CSS Page > Assets > theme.liquid 

The next step is to surf the Edit HTML / CSS Page and click on the Assets option. Next click on theme.liquid.

Step 5: Delete Code and Save the Change 

Now, scroll to the end of the code editor. You will find the following code: {{settings}} 

Make sure to delete everything in this code including the tags. Once done, click on Save

There you go! This will reset your theme’s settings to default. It was as easy as this. Once you get a hang of this process, it can be done in minutes. 

However, remember, resetting a Shopify theme deletes every single customisation previously made. So, be certain when you do a reset as it cannot be undone. To backup the theme before you reset, do export the current theme settings. 

Shopify Made Easy! 

Like you saw, understanding Shopify tools is not all that hard. And we are here to make it easier for you! So, go ahead and shoot your questions. Also, feel free to explore as many tools and options on Shopify. As this magic tool will get your business going! 

Reach out to our team and we’ll be back with a solution in no time. Until then, happy Shopifying!


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