Shopify has been a big internet revolution of the generation. Sellers, big and small, now have the access to make the globe their market and grow their sales. 

If you have experience selling on Shopify, you know how precious your Shopify store is for your business! Shopify allows you to add customizations, innovative designs, and a lot more to your online shop. 

You must also know that your virtual Shopify store is entirely reliant on a tonne of data. Ever imagined, what if this data gets lost? 

That’s exactly why you must continue reading and getting to know all about Shopify Store Backup. 

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What is a Shopify Store backup?

Like any other kind of data backup, a Shopify Store Backup is nothing but creating a backup for all your store data. This means that in the case of any unexpected occurrence where your data is lost, your store stays secure! 

When you create a backup, you’re syncing all of your Shopify store’s data. This includes the smallest of changes or additions that you make to your store. 

So, when you have your store backed up, you can quickly restore your Store to the latest version of it, no matter what!

Why Should You Back Up Your Shopify Store?

  1. Human Error is Inescapable!

Because… To err is human! There’s always room for error. No matter how careful you are while working on your Shopify store, there’s always a chance of human error. While that may be difficult to eliminate, you can be proactive and be ready with a store backup.

  1. Mistakes in Code

While curating your website, even perfect-looking codes may have errors that your eyes miss catching. And, well, all coders will agree that errors are almost unavoidable!

A simple error in code is sufficient to break the entire code. Again, leading to issues in running and damaging your store’s theme. Another reason to back up! 

  1. Incorrect Bulk Uploads

There are often many instances when you need to bulk upload product details, categories, etc. onto your store. If there are missing data columns, the entire import may go wrong. 

This especially leads to higher chances of error, further affecting your Shopify! With a backup, you can be assured to go back and correct such errors on the original version.

  1. Use of Third-Party Apps

You might often find the need for third-party software and integrations for a variety of reasons. In fact, on average, every Shopify user uses over 5 third-party applications.

While it may all sail smoothly when these apps run fine, apps failing might create bigger problems. Besides, you may have to be extra careful when you grant permissions to any external app. However, remember, not every software is safe and may happen to overwrite or even erase data! 

  1. The Uncertainty of an Online Attack

On other rare occasions (not so rare nowadays), attackers may hack into your data from far away. You will be left with lost data, affecting your Shop!

  1. Risk to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Usually, smaller and mid-size enterprises do not pay much attention to securing their data. Hackers being aware of this fact, end up targeting this population. So, not only should you back up your Shopify store but also focus on securing your website!

  1. Leaks in your Team or Collaborators

It’s important to run a background check for all stakeholders that you work with, especially third parties and freelancers. This is necessary for you to understand and trust their intentions with your data. 

Moreover, when you work with a partner, you often have to give them access to edit your code and other crucial data. In the mishap that someone deletes some of your important data, when backed up, you will always have a copy of it to restore!

  1. Phishing is on a Rise

In order to capture sensitive data, there are multiple phishing attacks on the rise and very, very active. In fact, phishing traps look so legit, that you might fall for them within a single click! The only solution to this is staying alert and, well, backing up your Shopify store.

  1. Running Multiple Stores

If you are multitasking and operating more than one store on Shopify, a store backup becomes twice important! The more stores, the higher the rates of error, hacks, and loss of data. So, simply back up now!

The Single Solution to Multiple Problems! 

As you heard, there are numerous ways your Shopify store might be at risk of losing data. But, the simplest and foolproof fix to all these issues is the Store backup! 

A backup is the only way you can restore data that are lost. So, backup your data now as an early precaution against any future mishaps. 

And, in case you’re unable to sort any of your Shopify-related problems, reach out to us at AdNabu for a quick and easy solution!


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