If you’re in the e-commerce business, it’s close to impossible that you haven’t heard about the magic tool – Shopify! Data says, over 4.4 million e-commerce sites are built using Shopify. 

Shopify’s a one-stop solution for individual sellers & businesses for convenient e-commerce. The platform allows you to run your own online store and explore endless business possibilities. Not just that, Shopify is user-friendly, customizable, and cost-effective!

Well, so if you haven’t yet explored Shopify’s services you must go check them out now! 

Now, for folks who have been avid users of Shopify, you must know the importance of data backups on Shopify. Have you encountered losing your data? It’s a criticality that you need to be prepared for! 

At its core, your Shopify store is built with each of the products that you offer. If one of your products gets deleted from your site, there’s no direct method to recover it. 

However, there are some simple hacks you can follow to get back some of your deleted products. So, let’s dive in and discuss in detail, ways to recover deleted products on Shopify!

  • Hack#1: Always have a copy of your data

When you have a version of your data stored on your local drive, you can easily recreate the deleted product via the Shopify API. But, remember, you’ll still have a loss as this product will now have a new Shopify ID. If you have a backup for images and fields as well, you can also get these lost details updated just like before!

  • Hack#2: Shopify Product Recovery

Shopify’s other savior tool is the ‘Shopify Product Recovery’! As its name goes, Shopify product recovery recreates and restores previously deleted products. By doing this, you can restore the product exactly as it was before it got deleted!

However, even to recover products through this method, you will still need to have a local backup. Backing up your store’s products, pages, or themes is like having an insurance policy if things go wrong. So, having this data locally is key to recreating your Shopify’s lost products back to their original form!

Though Shopify product recovery is likely to work at most times, it can still throw glitches due to data corruption. This can cause data for several of your products to be lost and unrecovered. In some instances, you may even face a complete wipeout of the data on your Shopify store. 

A Step-Wise Guide to Recovering Your Deleted Shopify Products

As we saw, you can restore your accidentally deleted products using Shopify’s recovery API from your database. However, the process can be rather long! You’ll have to navigate through many pages to reach that one specific product that you need to restore. 

Moreover, this process involves a lot of steps. So, here’s a detailed guide for restoring product information that you might’ve recently deleted. 

To restore the product information, you’ll have to import your .csv product backup file. Here are the steps to the same! 

  • Step 1: Navigate to the admin section of your online store. 
  • Step 2: Once you’re in the admin panel, click on the Products section. In this section, choose ‘All products’.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Import’ and all the product information will be recovered. 

Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, you’ll be able to revert to your store’s previous version.

If you were to do this for several products, you’ll have to click on each product one by one. Sounds like a long, tedious process to us! That’s exactly why we have built the AdNabu backup app so that you don’t have to go through this hassle. 

The AdNabu backup app allows you to back up parts of your entire store without having to worry! You can now quickly restore individual items from your store with just a few clicks on this app.

Step 1: On the Home Page of your AdNabu backup app, scroll down to the bottom. Navigate to AdNabu vault (Remember, this is where all your data is stored.)

Step 2: When you visit the vault option, you’ll find two different options:

  1. One by One: This allows you to recover products individually
  2. Store: Will allow you to recover products in bulk

Step 3: To recover one of the deleted products, select the first option and click on the data set you need to restore. The data sets include Customers, Products, and Metadata among others. Click on ‘Products’

Step 4: Lastly, click on the Rewind Store option.     

Once done, you’ll be able to revert your product data. Congratulations! 

Recovering Your Product Now Made Easy by AdNabu!

Now that you know and understand all the different ways and methods to restore your deleted product, we hope you face no problem enjoying a seamless business experience. 

However, you must have faced your own hurdles with manual backups. So, our advice is that you backup your store data almost daily when working with manual recovery methods. 

On the other hand, if you’re using automated backup applications for your store, you only need to check its functioning. Besides, when you’re paying for such tools we strongly suggest you check out all available options. 

Our in-house Adnabu Shopify Backup App is developed by experts and stays up to date with all Shopify trends. Reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to share more details. 

Until then, happy Shopifying, and all the best in all your endeavors! 


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