Does shopify have a backup

Shopify is a great platform, but its not perfect. What happens if you delete something by accident? Or what if your store gets hacked and all of your data is lost?

Does Shopify have a backup of my store?

No, by default shopify doesn’t back up your store. Instead what shopify is doing is, they are backing up all the store’s data in a centralized server.

Shopify’s entire platform is backed up routinely. These backups are maintained on a regular basis.

The objective of a disaster recovery backup is to restore the whole Shopify platform in the case of a catastrophe at their primary data centers, such as a flood or an attack by hackers.

As a merchant, you need to understand that Shopify’s disaster recovery backup cannot be used to restore data in your individual store.

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Remember- the backup contains the data of all merchants on the Shopify platform. And it is not set up in a way that allows them to pick and choose data.

Now we know that backing up data is important, but it can be time-consuming and confusing to do this manually.

What you need to backup and restore data from your individual Shopify store is an account-level backup. Thats where the Backup and Restore App comes in.

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Goshu Backup and Restore App

Shopify Backup and Restore App

Goshu is the backup solution for Shopify stores. With our app, you can back up your entire site in just one click and restore it when needed.

We also provide secure cloud storage so that you dont have to worry about losing any of your data ever again!

Goshu Backup and Restore App offers account-level backup services to these merchants so they don’t lose data if something goes wrong with their store – like someone deleting it by accident or maliciously tampering with it!

With an account-level backup like Goshu Backup and Restore App, you can recover what was lost when:

  1. A blog post or product you wanted to save got accidentally deleted
  2. Someone with access to your store makes changes that you didn’t approve.
  3. A 3rd party app installed in your Shopify store has a bug in it and the fix you wrote in didn’t work
  4. You import a CSV file into your Shopify store that was missing vital information.

How do I back up my Shopify store?

Shopify store owners have a lot to worry about. But there are ways to make things easier. Shopify store has an app called the Backup and Restore App, which is easy-to-use and will automatically backup your Shopify store in less than 3 minutes.

All you need to do is install the app & click one button. The process takes care of all aspects (including size/rotation) of the backup.

Your first backup will be complete in a few minutes or up to a couple of hours, but it’s important you know that backups happen automatically every night at midnight local time so you never have to maintain updated backups yourself.

Plus, Shopify backs up all your data in GDPR compliant servers!

Goshu Backup and Restore App automatically take care of creating daily backups for your Shopify store, rotating them every day. So you can restore data from any date fairly easily if needed.

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What to do next

You have two ways to back up your Shopify store.

The first is the manual way, which might involve saving files on a thumb drive or external hard drive. This can be time-consuming because youre manually doing all of the work and it doesn’t always go smoothly if something goes wrong with your computer.

The second option is automatic backup through Goshu Backup & Restore app for Shopify stores that are available in the App Store today!


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