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How many times have you been in a panic because your Shopify store was hacked and all of your data lost? I know I have! It can be a scary feeling when you think that everything is gone. 

Whether your shopify store has just been hacked and you want to restore it in just a few minutes, you need a complete Shopify backup app.

Well, luckily, there are some great apps to back up your site so that this never happens again.

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What is a complete Shopify backup app?

It is used by shop owners who want to back up their shop settings and product images. These apps can come in handy if you need to revert to a previous version of your shopify shop or restore it from scratch.

This app is a great way to back up shopify data. This app can be used to back up your store’s information such as your products data, shopify store settings, shopify store files, and customer information such as their names and addresses.

A shopify shop files back up the shopify app is ideal for shop owners who have many different products. 

This shopify backups created by these apps can also be used to restore or export all your products so you can start selling them at a different shop.

Why do I need a backup app?

If you’re running a shopify store, then some of the most important things about it are its shopify shop files and shopify shop data. 

This backup app gives you a chance to quickly save your shop information so that it won’t be lost if the worst has happened and your shop is hacked or if something goes wrong for any reason.

How do they work?

The shopify backup app works by backing up shop files, including shop configuration settings, products, tags, images, and styles.

it also backs up your shopify store currency, time zone, shipping settings, tax settings & customer information.

it usually starts backing up your store information as soon as you configure it. This app will record each version of shopify shop information created, so if anything changes, you can quickly go back to any past version.

Also, if your shop gets hacked and you lose your shopify shop data, these apps can help you restore it.

So now that we know why we need an app and how it works let’s go into more detail about the different types of shopify backup apps available to us.

Types of backup apps in shopify ecosystem

There are three types of backup apps that I know of:

A shopify products backup app, a shopify themes backup app, and a shopify customer data backup app.

1. Shopify products backup app

These types of backup apps can backup shopify shop files such as shop settings, products, styles, and tags.

2. Shopify themes backup app

This type of shopify backup app can be used to back up your Stores theme files & customizations you made on them.

3. Shopify customer data backup app

This shopify customer data backup app is designed to backup shopify stores customer information such as names, billing addresses, and shipping addresses.

How much does a shopify backup cost?

Just as with many things in life, apps are not free, but they always offer a free trial before you have to pay anything. The shopify backup app usually costs between $10/ month to $199/month.

So now that we know the three shopify shop files back up shopify apps and what shopify shop backup shopify apps are, let’s go over the cost of each shopify shop files back up shopify app.

The first shopify shop backup shopify app is free to use, but it’s a bit more limited than the other shopify shop files back up shopify apps. 

The second type of shopify shop file back up the shopify app costs $10/month and can be used to restore or export all your products so you can start selling them at a different shop. 

The third shopify shop files back up the shopify app costs between $5 and $20/month. This shopify shop backup shopify app can be used to restore or export your shop websites.

Now that you know what are these apps, why you should use them, and how much they cost, let’s go over what you need to do to shopify shop backup shopify apps.

What all do you need to use a backup app?

To Install & use shopify backup apps, you need an active shopify store, a plan of what you want to backup from your store, and your credit card details for payment. 

Once you have those things, all you have to do is log in to your shopify store using the backup app and select the files you want to back up!

How do I install the shopify app?

Depending on which backup app you choose, installing one can be as easy as entering shopify shop credentials and clicking to allow the application access. Once you have installed your shopify backup app, it will usually run in the background until you need it.

So at this point in our blog post, we have gone over what they are and why every shopify store should use one.

We also went over the different types of shopify back up shopify apps and how shopify shop files back up shopify apps and shopify shop backup shopify apps work.

From here, you can open another tab, search for the shopify backup app in the shopify app store that suits us the best, and starts backing up your store!

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