If you’re a shopify store owner, you know the importance of positive reviews. Judge. me is a great tool for gathering and managing those reviews, but what happens if something goes wrong and your reviews are lost?

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to back up Judge.me reviews so that you never have to worry about losing them.

What are Judge.me reviews?

Judge.me Product Reviews helps shopify stores collect and show product reviews. It is the most popular shopify product review app and is free to get started.

Judge.me Product Reviews features include:

  • Customer reviews can be displayed on your store’s product pages using customizable widgets and Shopify Email email receipts.
  • Customers can see star ratings, number of reviews, and review snippets on your Shopify product pages;
  • Customers who recently purchased at your store will be sent an automated request to leave a review after receiving their goods.
  • Export verified review data into a CSV file for further analysis or usage.

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Why do you need to back up Judge.me reviews?

Shopify is a cloud-based software as a service. It has a backup of my store, including my Judge.me reviews. I don’t need to worry about this because Shopify’s backup includes my store and Judge.me reviews.

Unfortunately, Shopify maintains disaster recovery backups for the whole platform, not each account. These backups are maintained regularly. 

In the case of a natural disaster causing a flood or a vicious attack by hackers, Shopify platform recovery aims to restore everything.

Because these events are incredibly uncommon, Shopify makes sure it’s prepared for them.

As a business owner, you must understand that Shopify’s disaster recovery backup cannot be utilized to restore data in your store. Keep in mind that the backup contains the data of all Shopify merchants. It’s not set up in a way that allows Shopify employees to choose and restore data.

You’ll need an account-level backup if you want to back up and restore your individual Shopify store’s data.

How Judge.me reviews are Stored in the Shopify ecosystem?

Metafields allow you to store more information about your customer reviews. Judge.me reviews are stored as metafield objects in shopify. You may get a handle on the metafield object via the metafields property of these objects.

You can connect metafields to your theme to show your specialized information in various formats after you’ve set up metafield definitions and assigned metafield values to parts of your store.

You can connect most metafields to your Online Store 2.0 theme using the theme editor if you have a 2.0 version of the theme. If you’re using a vintage theme or want to add metafield types that your current theme doesn’t support, you can modify your theme code or hire a Shopify specialist to assist you.

How to Backup Judge. me reviews?

There are typically two ways to back up a judge.me reviews. You can learn how to backup judge.me reviews from your Shopify store. Me reviews from your Shopify store.

  1. Backup Judge.me reviews Manually
  2. Backup Judge.me reviews Automatically

Backup Judge.me reviews Manually

In this manual type of backup method, you export your judge.me reviews as a CSV export & back it up on your Computer or Server.

Let’s find out how to do it.

You may easily export your judge.me reviews. You may quickly export your reviews without restrictions on both the Forever Free and the Awesome Plan.

1. Export all your reviews

On your Judge. me Dashboard > More > Import and Export

1. Select Export Reviews

2. Choose how you want to export all published, hidden, or removed reviews.

3. Click the Export reviews button to get a downloadable CSV file.

2. Export some selected reviews

You may pick and export detailed reviews in addition to bulk exporting reviews. This is useful if you want to send selected evaluations to other vendors or just want to evaluate the evaluations of a particular item.

On your Judge.me Dashboard, go to Reviews > All Reviews

1. Select which reviews you want to export

2. After clicking the Export button, the review CSV file will be downloaded.

3. Export the reviews of specific products

On your Judge.me Dashboard, go to Reviews > Product Reviews

1. Make sure you put the product name in the appropriate format to display the reviews.

2. Examine the reviews you’d like to export.

3. Click the Export button, and the review CSV file will be downloaded

Backup Judge.me reviews Automatically

In this Backup method, Use Third-party Backup solutions like Goshu – Backup & Restore App to backup Judge. me reviews automatically.

Manual backups or developing your offsite backup isn’t a bad idea, but if you dont know how or dont want to, let Adnabu backups for Shopify handle it for you!

Automate your Shopify store’s daily backups using our Backup app, including judge.me reviews.

Goshu records and watches for changes, allowing you to go back in time and fix any minor mistakes or disasters.

We can offer your store the most efficient and comprehensive backup by using all of Shopify’s APIs.

We look at Shopify backups from a different perspective. When it comes to Shopify APIs, we’re always up to speed on any updates that come along. This allows us to return data in the form and structure specified by Shopify.

Goshu allows you to go back to any previous version of your product(s) at any time. After installation, we’ll download all of your current product data and store it on our end.

We will store any changes to your products through webhooks. This allows us to keep track of every change that is made.

Is it possible to back up product reviews from the Goshu Backup App? Yes, we can back up data from the following product review apps.

  • Yotpo
  • Judge.me
  • Shopify product reviews
  • Automizely
  • Okendo
  • Loox
  • Stamped

What else will be backed up? We’re backup products, variants, product reviews, and other metafields.

Is your website GDPR compliant? Is my data protected? Yes. We are GDPR compliant. Shopify’s standards for data security are followed.


Backup Judge.me Reviews is the act of exporting all your reviews to a CSV file and saving it on your computer, laptop, or server for safekeeping. Backup methods can either be manual or automated, with Goshu Vault – Backup & restore App being the latter option that many people use today.

This service automates daily backups, including judge. me reviews in bulk by utilizing Shopify’s APIs to offer efficient data storage. The committed staff at Goshu are constantly working with these API changes to provide accurate backup services every day.

Thanks for reading our post on Backup Judge.me Reviews! We hope that this guide was helpful and informative.


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